Oasis Cancun Thief 2012

Oasis Cancun Thief 2012
Oasis Cancun Thief 2012 (1 min 12 sec)
08-18-2013 at 01:08 PM
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During My Final Summer Break at the Oasis Cancun June 2012, I met multiple guests at the who were either assaulted, drugged, pick pocketed, or had items stolen from them by a Canadian Tourist named Cassandra Thomas.

Cassandra was what you call a "PRO" or Professional, her "MO" or Method of Operation was as such.

She would befriend, single male tourists who happen to stay in a room alone, go out with them to a night club, then slip a substance in there drink to make them tired.

Once back at the Hotel Oasis Cancun, she would go back to the room with the male tourist wait for him to fall asleep, obtain his keys and then steal all items from his safe.

One male tourist I spoke too, after going out with Cassandra on June 18, 2012 and returning to the hotel on the morning of June 19, 2012, fell asleep with Cassandra in his room.

When he woke up, he noticed over $1000 US dollars stolen from his room safe, 3 expensive cell phones, water proof digital camera, dvr camcorder, wallet, identifications multiple credit cards and 3 bottles of liquor.

Another guest I spoke to was punched in the face by Cassandra in Coyote Loco Night Club which is housed in the Phase I portion of the Oasis Cancun Hotel.

While he was being escorted out the Club by security, Cassandra pick pocketed him stealing his wallet containing his room key, identification and credit cards.

The next day, the guest had multiple electronics stolen from his room, such as an Ipod, Macbook Pro Laptop and over $1000 cash.

The guest that was drugged, and had all his items stolen while he slept, went to the Police Station as advised by the hotel staff to file a complaint.

The police took a statement however; they did nothing because there was no proof other than his word Cassandra took his items while he slept.

The guest that was assaulted and pick pocketed was advised to file a complaint at the police station after a search of Cassandra's room by hotel staff for the guest that was drugged, they located his wallet containing his identification minus his credit cards.

This guest failed to make a report, because his wallet was discovered in Cassandra's room the day he was checking out and did not want to miss his flight.

Oasis Cancun Staff did as much as they could for the guests, by searching Cassandra's room.

By the guest not wanting to make a report due to missing his flight, he killed the chances of Cassandra being arrested for assaulting him and stealing his wallet.

It is believed that Cassandra, who was accompanied to Cancun by a male and female from Canada, stashed the other stolen items in another Oasis Cancun Hotel Room or another Hotel.

This post will include a picture of Cassandra given to me by a guest. This post is meant to help all tourists who stay at the Oasis Cancun during Summer Break.

It is said that Cassandra, who also goes by the name of Jayla, frequents the hotel during summer months. She has multiple tattoos, piercings and wears a lot of gold.

If you see Cassandra during your stay at the Oasis Cancun Hotel, go the other way before you become her next victim.

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